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Aramid Webbing

There are two types of aramids: para-aramid(Kevlar®) and meta-aramid(Nomex®), which is a kind of new high technology compound fiber with the properties of ultrahigh strength, high module weight, high temperature resistance, light weight. 
Most aramid webbing are affected by UV light which alters the natural color and degrades fiber strength upon prolonged exposure.
Aramid webbings are generally used for aerospace, military, tactical and industrial safety equipment.
Nomex® and Kevlar® are two popular aramid fibers produced by the DuPont® Company.

Can be customized as your demand
The Width of 5~300mm, the thickness of 0.1~5mm, several woven patterns for choice

Custom 1/2
Custom 1/2" Natural Para Aramid Kevlar® Webbing Narrow Fabrics
Custom 1/2" Natural Para Ara..
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Aramid webbing properties include:

● High tenacity

● Abrasion resistant

● Flame and heat resistant

● Controlled elongation

● Chemical resistant (in specific environments)

● Dimensional stability and strength

● Reduced weight and size

● Flexibility
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Applications of Aramid Webbing
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Kevlar firefighter equipment.jpg
Kevlar safety harness.jpg
Kevlar parachute and aircraft.jpg

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