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Mil-W-4088 Webbing

MIL-W-4088 Nylon Webbing is commonly used for parachute harnesses, waist straps, carrying handles and drag handles.

Mil-W-4088 Nylon Webbing is available in the following types: Type 1A, Type 2, Type 3, Type 4, Type 7, Type 8, Type 12, and Type 13.

Can be customized as your demand
The Width of 5~150mm, the thickness of 0.1~5mm, Infrared wavelength 350-3000nm

MIL-W-4088 27265 Type 7 Resin Treated Parachute Webbing 1-23/32 inch Black
MIL-W-4088 27265 Type 7 Resin Treated Parachute Webbing 1-23/32 inch Black
MIL-W-4088 27265 Type 7 Resi..
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Comparison of shuttle and shuttleless looms.jpg

Comparison of shuttle and shuttleless looms

The shuttle loom is a weaving machine which uses the traditional shuttle (wooden shuttle or plastic shuttle) weft insertion. The shuttle is large in volume and heavy in weight, and is repeatedly projected by the traffic, the machine vibrates greatly, the noise is high, the speed is slow, the efficiency is low.

The weft-insertion method of shuttle-less loom is various, including Rapier, Jet (Jet, water spray), projectile, multi spindle mouth (multiphase) and knitting. Advantages of shuttle less looms:High labour and machine productivity due to high speed and wider width of looms.

Webbing produced on shuttle and shuttleless looms visual differences may be subtle。

Our PIA-W-4088 meet the demands of the parachute industry Class 1a (critical use, shuttleless / needle loom), and Class 2 (non-critical use, shuttleless / needle loom) material.

Resin Impregnated

Class R= Resin impregnated
Class L = Latex impregnated

Treatment that can apply to all types of MIL-W-4088

MIL-W-4088 nylon webbing is very flat and smooth and slightly stiff due to resin impregnation for abrasion resistance via MIL-W-27265. Perfect for edge binding and high wear areas.

Other Military Specification Webbing

Perhaps you also need mil-w-5625 webbing for use with mil-w-4088, check out mil-w-5625 webbing directly.

We also have a full line of mil-spec nylon webbing that you can find here. There are even military specification ropes, Velcro straps, etc.

You can make a one-stop purchase, and we are ready to help you.
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Quality Assurance

We have been providing services to the military.

producing military webbing that meets strict international and local standards.

Rigorous testing in our in-house laboratory to ensure the quality of large shipments.
4088 webbing Breaking Strength Test.jpg
                      Tensile Testing Machine

General Applications For Mil-W-4088 Webbing

MIL-W-4088 Nylon Webbing is commonly used for parachute harnesses, tactical belt, carrying handles and drag handles.

4088 tactical belt.jpg
parachute-harness webbing.jpg

Customized webbing service

JUDE is a manufacturer of functional webbing solutions for many market sectors. With a variety of manufacturing processes and capabilities, post-treatment of webbing, including:waterproof, flame retardant, IRR etc.
We also dye, cut, print, finish, coat, sew and assemble to deliver a webbing product specific to your requirements.Learn more

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Our all products comply with international certification standards such as RoHs, Reach, and CA65.

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We can custom with your own designs,besides material,size,thickness,colors,logo etc…also have advanced printing meachines.

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We support customers custom own brand  with low quantity,our team will give our best pirce for certainly items.

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Eatablish long-term and stable cooperative relations with military contractors in many countries. Because of the quality of our products, quick response to orders and reliable customer service.

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