Our Advantage

JUDE is a professional military & parachute webbing manufacturer, we own 5 advantages as below:

Team Advantage: JUDE has a very efficient marketing team, all orders are to achieve streamline operations, each order has appointed sales and a professional team responsible for follow-up.

Resources Advantage: JUDE has successfully developed nearly 80 kinds of camouflage pattern webbing, equipped with a high-tech printing & dyeing machine, we have a rapid speed in develpment of new camo pattern; with our own webbing factory, 15 assembly lines of dyeing and finishing, we have a high daily output.

Technology Advantage: We have a professional R & D team in 10-15 persons, and own a invention patent - “Processing Technique of Polyester Anti Infrared Camouflage Printing Webbing", excellent color fastness, achieving a variety of functional finishing. 

Experience Advantage: JUDE Webbing has been in this camouflage & military webbing for 20 years, serviced for customers including tactical company, military contractors involved in USA, Canada, Russia, Israel, Germany, Australia, Singapore et.

Cost Advantage: With the patented technology of our own intellectual property rights and the creation of processing technology as the support and the introduction of new printing and dyeing equipment, cost of our camouflage webbing reduction up to 50%.