How does IRR webbing work? - NIR webbing expert factory

IRR webbing, also known as anti-infrared reflective webbing, is a type of durable and versatile material used in military gear, such as vests, belts, and backpacks. The webbing is designed to reduce detection by night vision devices and thermal imaging equipment by reflecting infrared radiation.

The IRR technology works through visual disruption, caused by the multi-layered infrared signatures for each colour within the print pattern, which have a specific reflective wavelength to blend in with colours in the infrared spectrum for the specific location garments are intended to be worn.

The result, greatly reduced visibility of the wearer at night with reflectance to mimic the same wavelengths as snow, rocks, differing urban.

Environments, trees and other green vegetation; while in regular light conditions, you will still have the traditional camouflage patterns in order to blend into your surroundings.

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At Jude we can combine these two camouflage techniques seamlessly, to provide a camouflage that will disrupt both the naked eye and infrared vision, for truly modern camouflage.

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◆ Self-possessed Testing Center to control the IR wavelength 350-3000nm
10 years patent experience in IRR webbing
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◇ The only one webbing factory in China who can produce camouflage IRR webbing in 2-sides pattern matched

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